Within the networking and dissemination activities of the WASP Tool project, HUA, the Directorates of Elementary and Secondary Education of the 4rth Administrational Division of Athens, and the Environmental Education Centres of Lavrio, Drapetsona and Argyroupolis, jointly established on the 25th of October 2012, a local network for environmental education, entitled “How can I reduce my waste?”. The participants to the network were mainly teachers in primary and secondary education who were involved in environmental education courses and formal extra-curriculum activities. Exploiting the established (within the WASP Tool project framework) networking with other projects, public bodies, and  organisations, HUA attained the participation of the NGO “Ecological Recycling Company”, the “Hellenic Solid Waste Management Association”,  and the Municipality of Aghios Dimitrios (Attica), to the Local Network. Harokopio University envisioned that its participation in the aforementioned network enhanced the dissemination of the WASP Tool project and the concept of waste prevention, through a strong multiplication effect from teachers to pupils and their families.

The activities of the Local Network have led to the following remarkable results:

  • Overall, within the school years of 2012-2013 and 2013-2014, twenty four (24) schools and five (5) Environmental Education Centres participated in the Local Network tasks (events, demonstrations, workshops, school visits), by developing education programmes/assignments. These schools had approximately 80 teachers and 1,100 pupils. The work on waste prevention done by the pupils of those schools are hosted in the website of the WASP Tool project.
  • Fifteen (15) events (workshops and seminars) open to educators were organised during the school years of 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. Two of them were organised in HUA: On 14/02/2013, a seminar on Waste Prevention was organised in HUA, while on 25/02/2013, home composting was presented and demonstrated by HUA experts team to 4 educators and 30 pupils.
  • Two e-books bearing the WASP Tool project and the LIFE logos were produced. The e-books contain educational material (worksheets) on waste prevention and management for pupils in Elementary and Secondary Education. The worksheets were produced for the seminars of the Local Network.
    • 1st e-book
    • 2nd e-book