The web-based WASP-Tool

The WASP-Tool was developed in order to assess in order to promote suitable waste prevention measures in two Mediterranean countries, Greece and Cyprus.

What is it?

The Waste Prevention Support Tool (the WASP-Tool) is a web-based expert system, based on local and aggregated data concerning the waste composition and the demographic characteristics of an area, which examines and evaluates the effectiveness of possible waste prevention strategies. The WASP-Tool estimates the benefits of implementing each strategy under the given local conditions, with the ultimate aim of selecting the best solution. Its main feature is the ease of application, which makes it very accessible and user friendly to any potential user, whether s/he is experienced in waste management or not. Prior to the implementation of the WASP-Tool, you may read visit the tab “help”, which includes a relevant manual, a presentation and a demo-video. The results of the implementation of the WASP-Tool are provided in a pdf file. 

The tool is available free of charge for all interested parties via the website of the LIFE10 ENV/GR/622 WASP Tool Project . To run it, please click here.