On 28.11.2014 students of the Elementary School Vamvakopoulou – Chania, visited the «Exchange Library» kiosk at Eleftheria Square in Chania. The kiosk has been installed by DEDISA within the framework of the LIFE + WASP Tool project. Students offered «uneeded» books (thus they diverted them from the waste bin), or exchanged them with others from the collection of the library. Each book is accompanied by a beautiful «madinada» - a dedication that had been written by students in relation to the current event. The students were informed by officers of DEDISA AE for the use of the «Exchange Library», and waste prevention.

On 29/11/2014 the event «REDUCING THE USE OF DISPOSABLE PLASTIC AND PAPER SHOPPING BAG» was held at the supermarket INKA on Anagnostou Gogoni & K. Manos. This initiative had been started in 2011 in the framework of the LIFE + WASP Tool project. According to the President of DEDISA SA (TAB), Mr. Michael Tzinefraki, the goal of this event was to highlight the negative impacts by the use of plastic and paper bags on the environment. During the event reusable shopping bags were distributed to consumers. The event was co-organized by DEDISA AE (OTA) and the Supplying and Consumer Association Members Consumer Institute OQ (INKA Super Markets).