Paralimni is located in the southeastern part of Cyprus and took its name from a seasonal lake which forms west of the community, between Paralimni and Sotira.  This area is the lowest in the region and it is a natural hollow collecting rainwater from all parts of Paralimni and the neighbouring hills.  Thus, every winter this rainwater used to form a lake which lasted until the summer.

Paralimni became a municipality on the 1986 and the civil council consists of the Mayor and 10 members that they are elected every 5 years.

Ιs the largest municipality of the free Famagusta District with 16000 inhabitants. It is the capital of the District and will remain as such until the day that Famagusta will be free to take over its role.  This region has been historically inhabited by Christians, Greek in nationality.   

Since the occupation of Famagusta Paralimni is the center of social, cultural and economic life of the District.

A modern network joins Paralimni with the other areas of Cyprus and its visitors have the chance to travel easily all over the unoccupied area.

Paralimni combines the advantages of the traditional village with the comforts of the modern city. Protaras, the tourist area of Paralimni is a very popular holiday resort for local and foreign visitors. Is ideal for family vacations and has about 20000 hotel beds. The area (Protaras – Ayia Napa) contributes by 40% to the total country income from tourism.

Paralimni is a community of rich cultural tradition. During the summer there are cultural events in the squares and the streets of Protaras and in the amphitheatre in Paralimni, and during the winter cultural events in the town hall.