The WASP Tool project brings the Exchange Library at Chania

The pilot waste prevention action “Exchange Library”, which was emerged through the implementation of the decision support system WASP-Tool as a suggested action for paper waste prevention in the broader area of Chania, is about to start at Chania. The Exchange Library is an outdoor public library, consisting of kiosks, which are open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, targeting at  the exchange of books and ideas as well as social interaction through the books.

The book collection of the library is relied on the response of its visitors. Any visitor can borrow out of it any book and return it without registration, subscription or financial compensation with no closing hours. What is more, visitors can also donate books and thus enrich the circulating collection.

There are four places in the Municipality that have been selected to host the "Exchange Library": a) Municipal Market Square, b) 1866 Square, c) Liberty Square and d) Souda Square.

It should finally be noted that Chania is the first Municipality beyond the limits of  Attica region, and the third in Greece (the rest two are the Municipality of Athens and Kifissia) that has adopted the initiative of outdoor public exchange library.