Prefecture of Chania, Crete (responsible Waste Management Authority: DEDISA - Trans-Municipal Enterprise of Solid Waste Management / Associated Beneficiary 2)

Today DEDISA occupies 186 employees (10% scientific staff) and external consultants for specific scientific subjects.
DEDISA has the responsibility for:

  • The collection and transportation of the municipal solid waste
  • The management of the bulky waste and the green waste
  • The implementation of the Source Separation Program (except printed paper)
  • The implementation of the door to door collection program
  • The information and awareness of the public
  • The operation of the integrated waste management facility which includes the treatment plant and the residual landfill.

The integrated waste management facility in the Chania started its operation in spring of 2005. The facility was designed to handle the waste of 9 municipalities (according to “Kalikratis “plan the municipalities merged to 7 and we serve 5 of them). At this time, we process 92.000 tons/year and the operation set in 2 shifts, 6 days/week. The  maximum projected waste generation was amounting to 70.000 tons for the year 2015, and green waste to 10.500 tons, consequently the capacity of the plant was 80.500 tons/y and the operation was set in 1 shift, five days/week.

The residue and the refinery from the treatment processes is conducted under the rules of the Landfill Directive (99/31) in the residual landfill. From the waste treatment 65% is utilized as market recyclable material and compost and the remaining 35% as residue buried in the nearby residual landfill.

This is the only processing plant of solid waste treatment that is operating today in the Region of Crete. The facility is located in the Korakia site of the Akrotiri Municipality.