United Association of Solid Waste Management in Crete (ESDAK) founded in 2000. The aim of the association is the implementation of the Solid Waste Management Plan of the Region of Crete. In this framework ESDAK prepares and implements projects and activities as follow:

  • Preparation of proposals for projects in co-financed programs like Cohesion Fund
  • Contribution to the implementation of studies and tender documents for solid waste management projects
  • Implementation of Solid Waste Management infrastructure (Sanitary Landfills, Solid Waste treatment plants, recycling plants etc)
  • Implementation of remediation plans of uncontrolled landfills
  • Cooperation with Hellenic Recycling Company (HERCO) for the development of the recycling program in Crete
  • Communication and public awareness programs
  • Support of the Local authorities of Crete, on Solid Waste Management issues

Members of ESDAK, were 34 municipalities from all over Crete. Now with plan “kallikratis” the 34 municipalities –members of the association have been merged to 24.

ESDAK is managed by a trans-municipal board, consisted of 68 Mayors and Municipal Counselors as they were in the plan “Kapodistrias” for local authorities.

The scientific personnel of the association is very experienced in solid waste management issues and consists of all the fields of expertise required (Chemical Engineers, Civil Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Environmentalists).