Harokopio University, founded in 1990, is one of the youngest Universities in Greece. Its relatively small size (four Departments, about 120 academic and research staff, 80 administration personnel and 1000 undergraduate, 150 MSc and 120 PhD students) makes it a flexible, highly specialised and dynamic academic institution. It is active in academic research and teaching in the wider fields of “Geography”, “Home Economics and Ecology”, “Nutritional Sciences and Dietetics” and “Informatics and Telematics”, all including – to a larger or smaller extend – the study of the different aspects of the environment. Its ratio of journal publications per academic member of staff ranks it 4th among the 21 Greek Universities. During the last 10 years over 300 national, European and company funded research programmes were implemented by HUA, giving it again one of the highest ratios of projects per academic member of staff among Greek Universities. Through these programmes, as well as its extensive ERASMUS educational exchange program, the University has built an extensive network of high quality co-operation with other academic and research institutes and the private sector in Greece, Europe and worldwide.

The WASP Tool project is carried out by the interdepartmental research group on “Sustainable Environmental Management & Technology - SEMT”, which has considerable experience on the various issues of waste management, with special emphasis on organic waste, LCA, sustainable development, environmental management, population and environment interrelations, environmental mapping, as well as environmental microbiology and biotechnology. Close co-operation with the research group on “Computer Modelling” will be established.